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Outsourcing is contracting out of certain business processes or business functions of a company to an external provider. Outsourcing today is an excellent opportunity to save one’s money. How is it done?

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Transaction analysis

What is transaction analysis? In the broadest sense it is a set of measures for reduction of risks associated with a transaction, exposure of such risks and consideration of expediency of the transaction itself.



Registration and reorganization

Registration of a company is the first step to begin one’s own business with.

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Licensing and certification

Registration of a company is the first step to begin one’s own business with.

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Legal support of business

From transaction analysis to licensing of activities. From participation in negotiations to reorganization of legal entities.

In time of crisis, when entrepreneurial risks and managerial responsibilities have increased substantially, You must surely have many times felt the desire to secure in one way or another decisions made and reduce the likelihood of errors.

Debt collection

How to recover debts?

Debt collection abroad

Today many successfully developing companies and enterprises want to operate at the international level, because it means new perspectives, new partners, and, of course, new possibilities for obtaining profit. But do not forget that the same risks that we have to deal with here in Belarus await us in work with foreign contractors. There is always a possibility that a party to a transaction will fail to fulfill its obligations, and will become indebted to You, but in this case the debtor will be foreign, which makes it much more complicated.

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