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Outsourcing is contracting out of certain business processes or business functions of a company to an external provider. Outsourcing today is an excellent opportunity to save one’s money. How is it done?

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Transaction analysis

What is transaction analysis? In the broadest sense it is a set of measures for reduction of risks associated with a transaction, exposure of such risks and consideration of expediency of the transaction itself.



Registration and reorganization

Registration of a company is the first step to begin one’s own business with.

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Licensing and certification

Registration of a company is the first step to begin one’s own business with.

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Legal support of business

From transaction analysis to licensing of activities. From participation in negotiations to reorganization of legal entities.

In time of crisis, when entrepreneurial risks and managerial responsibilities have increased substantially, You must surely have many times felt the desire to secure in one way or another decisions made and reduce the likelihood of errors.

Whether it be conclusion of a contract with a new partner, reorganization of a company or conduct of negotiations, there's always a chance to make an error that may later come out quite costly.   Man is not a machine, he can not predict everything. But company executives still attempt to minimize risks, both in concluding transactions and in carrying out bureaucratic procedures.

This may come as a surprise for someone, but there are companies professionally specialized in risk prevention and preparation and legalization of documents for legal entities. Among such companies is also our collection agency - "Lev and Partners”. We offer our clients complex legal services in the following areas of activity:

а) Transaction analysis, expert opinions on difficult situations, participation in negotiations

This means that specialists from our agency perform analysis of Your transaction, not only by reference to the text of the contract, but also on the basis of circumstances in which the transaction had been concluded, with the purpose of detection of any possible risks and undesirable consequences. The same applies to expert opinions on difficult situations: if You’re in doubt about further actions, or don’t know how to come out of a difficult situation, which can happen quite often in the course of business activities (issues with tax authorities, conflicts with partners, problems with human resources), qualified specialists of our Agency will always be available to consult You. Our main weapons for solution of these matters are experience and knowledge of laws. They help us assist You in finding the right solution to any difficult situation. Participation in negotiations may be carried out both on Your behalf and simply by presence of our specialist performing functions of a consultant. Taking part in negotiations independently on Your own may be impossible or undesirable for many reasons (leave, complicated relationship with a partner, insufficient confidence about one’s own competence), but regardless of a reason we are ready to help You, defending Your interests in the process of negotiations.

b) Registration and reorganization of companies always implies unnecessary red-tape and time expenditures. By entrusting the legal side of the matter to us You will not only save Your valuable time, but also secure Yourself from errors, which, if committed in documents submitted to government agencies, could cause even more expenditures. You may be sure that our specialists will do their job in full compliance with normative requirements, while You will be able to continue doing what You need to do, without having to waste Your time on bureaucratic formalities.

c) Licensing and certification ofactivities also requires preparation of a large number of documents and spending substantial time on communication with representatives of government agencies. Whereas for our specialists it is a frequent and flawlessly performed practice. Having entrusted this matter to us You will obtain the required license or certificate in the shortest time possible.

d) Expert evaluation of potential contractors — this kind of service is still unique for Belarus, but nevertheless important. It implies thorough analysis of contractors You are going to conclude transactions with: assessment of their activities, founding members, financial status, business reputation. Have You ever witnessed company lawyers engaged in doing that? Probably not. But it’s very important to know as much as you are able to find out about Your partners, especially in cases of transactions with large amounts of money involved. You must admit that it’s much more pleasant to sign a contract when You are fully confident that Your partner will not deceive You and will fulfill his obligations on time. Expert evaluation performed by our specialists will give You such confidence.

The larger the organization, the more complicated it becomes to arrange the legal side of its activities on its own account. Soon having one lawyer at the enterprise may not be sufficient for Your needs — and You will have to maintain a legal department, which is not always rational and justified economically. But You will not have to maintain us; having paid only once for each separate service, You will be able to calmly go about Your business, because prevention of risks and preparation and legalization of documents will be done for You by the people who are experts in what they do, and they do it with full surety.

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