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Outsourcing is contracting out of certain business processes or business functions of a company to an external provider. Outsourcing today is an excellent opportunity to save one’s money. How is it done?

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Transaction analysis

What is transaction analysis? In the broadest sense it is a set of measures for reduction of risks associated with a transaction, exposure of such risks and consideration of expediency of the transaction itself.



Registration and reorganization

Registration of a company is the first step to begin one’s own business with.

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Licensing and certification

Registration of a company is the first step to begin one’s own business with.

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Debt collection abroad

Today many successfully developing companies and enterprises want to operate at the international level, because it means new perspectives, new partners, and, of course, new possibilities for obtaining profit. But do not forget that the same risks that we have to deal with here in Belarus await us in work with foreign contractors. There is always a possibility that a party to a transaction will fail to fulfill its obligations, and will become indebted to You, but in this case the debtor will be foreign, which makes it much more complicated.

What to do in such cases? How to collect debt abroad? Practice proves that when dealing with foreign debtors company lawyers often show themselves powerless. Even though they are capable to win a court case, when it comes to out-of-court, and even more so, after-court settlement, company lawyers may prove to be lacking sufficient experience, power, and time to deal with the debtor in appropriate manner. This task requires not only frequent trips abroad (being quite costly for the company per se), but also good knowledge of the international law and the laws of the country where the debtor comes from, and where the proceedings have taken place. Plus the lawyer has almost no possibilities to support execution or liquidation proceedings, since that requires carrying out constant control, being present at the place, and yet again, having specific knowledge.

What is there left to do then? Leave it as it is and let the debtor make profit of Your monetary assets? Sure enough, You can do that, but one cannot allow to make such handsome gestures in business. There is a solution, though, and it's quite evident: turn for assistance to the people who will collect these debts for You. Our collection agency has been rendering such services to economic entities for many years. We act through a reliable and time-tested network of partners collecting debts directly on debtors’ territory. You will not have to get into niceties of regulatory documents of Your debtor’s country, and You will not have to pay Your lawyer’s business trip expenses. Together with our partners we will take all efforts of recovering debt in Your debtor’s country upon ourselves.

The main thing we want You to know is the following: we are not less interested in collecting the indebted amount than You, since You will pay for our efforts on recovery of receivables only upon obtaining the result, i.e. return of the amount indebted by the contractor. This rule, stipulated in the contract concluded between You and us, serves as proof of our honesty and efficiency of our work. Having entrusted us to perform debt collection abroad, You may get back to You normal activities without further worry for the debt: Your money will return to You in the shortest time possible.

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