Lev and PARTNERS Collection Agency


About us

The foundation for Lev and PARTNERS collection agency was laid in 2002 by the lawyers with vast experience of work both in law enforcement agencies (public prosecutor’s office, courts) and non-governmental economic entities.

In 2007 the company was registered as a limited liability company under the name "Lev, Sherstnev and PARTNERS”.

Due to changes in the partnership structure and out of the need to change the development strategy in 2009 the company was reformed as "Lev and PARTNERS Collection Agency” LLC.

Main area of the company’s activities is debt collection. Debt collection, in our understanding, implies a range of services aimed not only at recovery of debts, but also at prevention of their emergence.

Geographically our activities are not limited to within the borders of the Republic of Belarus, and our work management approach successfully allows to recover Your money from practically any country in the world.

Our main principle of work is obtaining result in the form of receipt of money by our customers.

Our clients