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Debt collection

You have debtors who haven't paid for your goods or services? We know effective ways to help You.

How to recover debts?

Almost everyone has had that problem at one point or another. It is not that bad when a debt is unpaid by a neighbor or an associate, and the amount owed is not crucial for You. Much worse if You are the chief executive officer of an economic entity, your debtors include dozens or even hundreds of economic entities of the same level, and volumes of accrued receivables have started to seriously impede development of the company, or threaten its existence altogether. Such situation causes unnecessary headache for an executive, since he has plenty of other issues to deal with and problems to solve, aside from unscrupulous debtors...

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Debt collection abroad

You don’t have to pack Your bags and get ready to hit the road to recover debts from contractors outside of Belarus. Turn to us for assistance instead.

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Licensing and certification

A license is a permission to perform a business activity in mandatory compliance with licensing rules and regulations, issued by a licensing authority.

About 50 different types of activities are subject to mandatory licensing in the Republic of Belarus. The instrument establishing the list of licensed activities and regulating the licensing procedure is the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus "On Licensing of Certain Types of Activities" No. 17 of July 14, 2003.

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Legal support in registration of legal entities

Introduction of amendments to the Articles of Association

Registration of a company is the first step to begin one’s own business with. And if You want to complete the process of registration in the shortest time possible, without unnecessary red tape, fuss and trouble – turn to "Lev and Partners Collection Agency”. The matter of registration must be dealt with maximum responsibility, making sure no mistakes are committed in the process of registration, which could lead to spending unnecessary time on preparing all the required documents yet all over again and resubmitting them.

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Transaction analysis

What is transaction analysis? In the broadest sense it is a range of measures for reduction of risks associated with a transaction, exposure of such risks and consideration of expediency of the transaction itself.

Evidently, executive manager is not always able to comprehensively analyze the legal side of a contract and assess absolutely all circumstances having impact on the course and success of a transaction. It may be due to a lack of time or specialized knowledge. Company lawyer may also have difficulties in this regard, since he sometimes has too broad a range of matters to deal with and may also not have time to analyze every separate transaction.

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Receivables management

Every manager at one time or another faced the problem with his company having accounts receivable. Delays in payment, bankruptcy of former partners, or even plain fraud often result in circumstances when a company finds itself short of huge sums of money.  Large amounts of receivables means lack of available funds, which otherwise could have been used for development of the company and bring profit.

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Outsourcing means contracting out of certain business processes or business functions of a company to an external provider of services. Outsourcing today is an excellent opportunity to save one’s money. How is it done?

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Representation in court

Outcome of court proceedings depends to a large extent on competent and proper execution and thorough preparation of documents, precise and articulate statement of demands, clear substantiation of objections, and evidence of factual background. An expert lawyer representing somebody’s interests in court is able to find a valid legal argument, competently evaluate the prospects for litigation, render assistance to the person whose interests he represents, and assist the court in timely and correct consideration of a case. The lawyer attends legal proceedings to represent the interests of the client and, if necessary, file petitions and watch over the proper conduct of the proceedings on the client’s behalf.
In the course of legal proceedings often turns out possible to settle a dispute out-of court or reach and sign an amicable agreement, subsequently sanctioned by court and obtaining the status of a court decision.

Our lawyers perform the following functions: consulting, drawing up statements of claim, appeal and cassation petitions, statements of lodging a protest, preparation of other instruments, representation in court.