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Licensing and certification

A license is a permission to perform a business activity in mandatory compliance with licensing rules and regulations, issued by a licensing authority.

About 50 different types of activities are subject to mandatory licensing in the Republic of Belarus. The instrument establishing the list of licensed activities and regulating the licensing procedure is the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus "On Licensing of Certain Types of Activities" No. 17 of July 14, 2003.

Licensing each separate type of activity has its own specific particularities. Preparation of documents, their submission to the licensing agencies and waiting for the decision can take from several weeks to several months depending on the type of activity. Obtaining a license may often become strongly delayed because of improperly executed or missing documents, and sometimes simply because of negligence of the licensing agencies’ employees. So passes the waiting time, and in the meantime carrying out business activities without a proper license is illegal. Besides that, obtaining a license requires compliance with licensing rules and regulations, constituting, pursuant to the above Decree, a set of rules and regulations as applied to a license applicant at the moment of issuance thereof. The list of these must also be known and complied with.

All the above factors make licensing quite time-consuming and labor-intensive. But if You would like to obtain a license as promptly as possible and with minimum labor costs – turn to us for assistance. "Lev and Partners Collection Agency” will help You license almost any type of activity. Our specialists are well familiar with all niceties and peculiarities of work done by licensing agencies, as well as with possible obstacles on the way of a license applicant. So if You don’t want to waste Your valuable time – make use of our services, and You’ll be able to begin Your activity in the desired field in the shortest time possible!

But license is not the only document required for conducting business activities. You must be familiar with a notion of a “certificate”.

A certificate is a confirmation of compliance of products or services, obtaining which means documentary certification of compliance of the assessed object with the requirements of technical normative legal acts in the field of technical norms and standards. Simply said, it is a documentary proof that Your products or services are of proper quality. A range of products and services requires mandatory certification, which must be carried out by an accredited certifying agency on the basis of a contract with an applicant.

The list of such products and services is presented in the Resolution of the State Committee for Standartization of the Republic of Belarus «On approval of the Nomenclature of products, services, personnel and other conformity assessment objects, subject to mandatory conformity attestation in the Republic of Belarus» of December 16, 2008, No. 60.

In the process of obtaining a certificate You may encounter the same complications as in the process of obtaining a license described above. The list of products subject to certification (attestation) is huge. Just as huge as the list of requirements towards the products and services may often be. Nevertheless, we are ready to render any support You might need in this area too. Don’t doubt — all our obligations towards You will be fulfilled in the shortest time possible!

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