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Legal support in registration of legal entities

Introduction of amendments to the Articles of Association

Registration of a company is the first step to begin one’s own business with. And if You want to complete the process of registration in the shortest time possible, without unnecessary red tape, fuss and trouble – turn to "Lev and Partners Collection Agency”. The matter of registration must be dealt with maximum responsibility, making sure no mistakes are committed in the process of registration, which could lead to spending unnecessary time on preparing all the required documents yet all over again and resubmitting them.

The first thing You need to do registering a legal entity is determine its form of ownership. On the basis of that You will know not only which documents to submit to the registration agencies, but also establish legal framework for the further activities of Your company. In order not to commit errors in choosing such form, preparation of documents required for submission (the list of which is often subject to modifications, as well as legal rules and standards in general), one should turn for assistance to qualified specialists, that consider rendering of such services not a mandatory formality, but their job. We can help You register enterprises (companies) of any form of ownership: OOO (limited liability company), ODO (additional liability company), OAO (open joint stock company), ZAO (closed joint-stock company), CHUP (private unitary enterprise), as well as accredit representative offices of foreign companies in Belarus.

But even if Your company has already been registered, it is not impossible that at one time or another You will have to introduce amendments to its Articles of Association. There may be a wide variety of reasons for that: change of the founding members, purchase or sale of shares, change of the name or reorganization of the company. The latter case requires not only amending the company’s Articles of Association accordingly, but also making provisions for all possible legal consequences of reorganization. Be it merger, demerger, acquisition, consolidation, spin-off or transformation of a legal entity, it requires meticulous and diligent work on carrying out of these procedures in strict compliance with the legislation, so as not to have to deal with drastic consequences of incorrect or untimely submission of documents later. We will do this job for You in good quality and timely manner, saving Your valuable time.

But this is not yet the full range of services we provide to companies in the area of legal support of business. If You decide to open a representative office abroad, most likely You will encounter the same problems that You have had to deal with in Belarus. Unknown niceties of foreign laws, different standards of document flow and even foreign language – any of these circumstances may become obstacles for establishing representative offices and branches of Belarusian economic entities in other countries. And of course none of company executive managers would like the above circumstances to slow down development of his business. But it is often hard to find assistance in solution of these problems abroad, and when foreign legal agencies offer their services, there are no guarantees whatsoever that those services would be of good quality and you will not have to pay Your money for empty promises. There is a solution – turn to us instead! Borders are not an obstacle in this case. We will assist You in opening representative offices and branches in many countries, and You may be confident that terms and conditions of a contract concluded between You and us will be strictly observed, respected and followed.

By choosing to co-operate with us You choose a reliable, trustworthy partner that will not leave the job unfinished and will not forget about its obligations!

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