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Outsourcing means contracting out of certain business processes or business functions of a company to an external provider of services. Outsourcing today is an excellent opportunity to save one’s money. How is it done?

"Lev and Partners Collection Agency” offers legal outsourcing services to its clients. It means that we perform full range of legal services for Your company: be it receivables management, work with contracts and claims, support in certification and licensing of activities of Your company or many other things. You may ask: “What do I need all that for, if I have my own lawyer (lawyers), and that’s exactly what I pay them for!”, and in Your own way You’ll be right. But!

Indeed, company manager has to pay wages to his lawyers, and pay them good.  That normally means a fixed salary not depending on results of their work. We, on the other hand, specify all terms and conditions of our work in contracts concluded with our clients, including conditions of payment for our work. Simply said, we work, and You pay us for the result, and not just because we have entered into a contract.

Have You ever counted how much having a company lawyer costs You? This cost includes rent of premises, workplace setup & arrangement, costs of labor of accountants and human resources managers, secretary and janitor, lawyer’s assistants, and many other “little” expenditures, eventually resulting altogether in formidable sums. You save all that money working with us.

A lawyer, as a rule, does not produce anything or bring You profit per se. Instead of a lawyer You could employ a sales manager, a logistician, a person who will be directly engaged in selling Your products, or any other employee that might be useful to Your company at that moment.

And one more fact of significant importance: our agency is capable of solving a wide range of matters and issues. We employ specialists with large legal experience, able to perform their job in a more qualified, and, most importantly, much quicker manner than most lawyers, whose speciality often won’t provide them with sufficient knowledge to effectively work on some of the issues. As an option, if You have several lawyers employed, You could leave one to solve secondary matters (human resources, “common” contracts, a.o.), and we take upon ourselves analysis and control of the most important transactions, receivables management, support in licensing and certification of Your activities.

Conclusion of a contract for outsourcing services from our agency would be a rational and pragmatic decision for any manager that wants to optimize expenditures of his company.

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