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Receivables management

Every manager at one time or another faced the problem with his company having accounts receivable. Delays in payment, bankruptcy of former partners, or even plain fraud often result in circumstances when a company finds itself short of huge sums of money.  Large amounts of receivables means lack of available funds, which otherwise could have been used for development of the company and bring profit.

Company lawyers spend plenty of time and effort on debt collection, going to courts and supporting enforcement proceedings, but it does not always bring desired results. From our own work experience we may declare with certainty that the best way to get Your money on time is not to let a debt emerge at all. What needs to be done for that purpose? Evidently, any indebtedness must be managed.

Our agency offers a totally new service in Belarus – receivables management. The essence of this service is the following: You conclude a corresponding contract with us, and we manage and control payment (payments) on one or several of Your transactions in accordance with this contract.

Our actions regarding management of receivables consist in systematic and professional supervision over fulfillment of obligations by partners to a transaction. If necessary, we undertake immediate measures for collection of indebtedness as early as on the first day of delay and even before emergence of such indebtedness.  Besides that, from as early as the first days we may recover not only the indebted amount itself, but also interest due for using other people's money as well as the sum of penalties stipulated in the contract.

What will You specifically gain from using this service?

  • The mere fact of management of receivables by a third party makes a contract look more significant to Your partner. Such a contract will have priority among other contracts in the matter of execution of payments by a contractor, even from a purely psychological point of view. The explanation is simple here: contractor sees that the contract and fulfillment of obligations thereunder are being supervised by a serious organization, and will prefer not to create problems for itself by avoiding payment. Therefore, Your chances of receipt of money strictly on time rise manifold.
  • You save time. Even if Your partner still doesn’t pay on time, neither You nor Your specialists will have to make phone calls to the debtor and remind him that he must pay, persuade and convince him. We take that upon ourselves.
  • You gain confidence. Our agency carries out the whole range of measures on dealing with the debtor out-of-court. And this range of measures is so wide that in most cases indebtedness is successfully recovered without having to go to court. We begin working directly with the debtor even before the payment period expires. After the expiration of the payment period our work becomes extremely intensive. The debtor will have to pay not only the indebted amount, but also the sum of penalties, which will increase proportionally to the length of time he chooses to delay payment for.

Management of receivables is a modern and effective method of improvement of financial status of a company. And by choosing to co-operate with our agency You choose a reliable, trustworthy partner that will not leave the job unfinished and will not forget about its obligations!

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