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Transaction analysis

What is transaction analysis? In the broadest sense it is a range of measures for reduction of risks associated with a transaction, exposure of such risks and consideration of expediency of the transaction itself.

Evidently, executive manager is not always able to comprehensively analyze the legal side of a contract and assess absolutely all circumstances having impact on the course and success of a transaction. It may be due to a lack of time or specialized knowledge. Company lawyer may also have difficulties in this regard, since he sometimes has too broad a range of matters to deal with and may also not have time to analyze every separate transaction.

"Lev and Partners Collection Agency” offers to perform analysis of transactions with consideration for particular goals and requests of the customer. In the course of analysis not only compliance of a transaction with legislation is taken into account, but also specific particularities of the company's activities. All the requirements towards concluded contracts put forward by the registration, control, judicial and tax agencies are considered as well.

Transaction analysis is a broad concept, it includes several measures. You may take advantage of the whole package of our services in this area, or You may choose only some of those. For example, contract evaluation. It implies working directly with the text of a contract, looking for discrepancies, controversial points, provisions contradicting the law or the interests of Your company. It is, of course, possible to neglect this chance to check and verify Your contract and make use of ready-made contract forms or “drafts”, which is quite often practiced by companies. But what then guarantees that such a standard contract complies with the current legislation, and that it has not been signed “mechanically”, without wondering whether it may have been outdated or not? In fact, it often happens just like that. But once you have signed a contract it would be quite a problem to modify it.  So that’s how it happens that those trying to save money neglecting analysis and thorough preparation of their contracts eventually have to go to courts to protect their interests, violation of contractual obligations in regard of which could have been otherwise avoided.

One of the forms of transaction analysis consists in assessment of circumstances in which it is being concluded. It is generally performed in complicated situations, when questions arise: to conclude or not to conclude a transaction, when and on which conditions to do it, etc. In the course of assessment our specialists evaluate the financial status of the company, characteristics of the contractor, normative acts regulating such type of transactions, and make a resulting conclusion determining risk level for a prospective transaction.

Besides all, one of our other services – participation in negotiations – also indirectly pertains to transaction analysis. Participation of our specialists in negotiations may become necessary for a number of reasons: impossibility of Your presence due to leave, illness and whatever else, conflicts with Your partner, or simply the need for representation of Your interests by a qualified specialist. Our specialist may not only negotiate on behalf of Your company, but, as an option, just be present there, performing functions of a consultant on particular matters.

All the legal support services listed above are rendered by our specialists as a matter of many years of experience in B2B transactions. By entrusting our collection agency with the tasks of transaction analysis, contract evaluation, and participation in negotiations, You will not only relieve Your company lawyer and help him do his job better, but also elevate the legal side of Your business to a higher level, which will undoubtedly make Your activities much more successful!

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