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Representation in court

Outcome of court proceedings depends to a large extent on competent and proper execution and thorough preparation of documents, precise and articulate statement of demands, clear substantiation of objections, and evidence of factual background. An expert lawyer representing somebody’s interests in court is able to find a valid legal argument, competently evaluate the prospects for litigation, render assistance to the person whose interests he represents, and assist the court in timely and correct consideration of a case. The lawyer attends legal proceedings to represent the interests of the client and, if necessary, file petitions and watch over the proper conduct of the proceedings on the client’s behalf.
In the course of legal proceedings often turns out possible to settle a dispute out-of court or reach and sign an amicable agreement, subsequently sanctioned by court and obtaining the status of a court decision.

Our lawyers perform the following functions: consulting, drawing up statements of claim, appeal and cassation petitions, statements of lodging a protest, preparation of other instruments, representation in court.

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